Everybody who drives a car has to deal with tickets and violations. Parking tickets and moving violations are part of our daily life. While tickets are unavoidable, it does not mean that you have to take them as a losing case. Indeed, New Jersey law requires Prosecution to prove traffic violation to the same level as criminal cases, which is "beyond a reasonable doubt".

It allows the attorney room for maneuver. In many cases, the charges can be reduced or even dismissed through plea bargain with prosecution. The attorney can easily spot problematic elements in the prosecutor’s case that gives the attorney the ability to achieve results better than a lay person would.

That translates into reduced fines and points, which in turn saves clients money on car insurance for years to come.

DUI or DWI is a serious offense under NJ law. Plea bargain is not allowed for this type of cases. Unless the prosecution dismisses the cases for whatever reason, it will go to trial. Therefore it is important to have an attorney arguing for you during that trial, as it may be helpful to exonerate the charges or to convince the judge to apply a less harsh penalty.

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traffic offenses and dwi/dui

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