There are many aspects to family law. Family law may overlap with other areas of law such as tax, criminal, immigration, bankruptcy etc.; however, even without such overlapping issues, Family law is often very complex.

First, the legal framework for Family Law in NJ is different from other legal fields. Family law cases in NJ are handled by Family Part of the Chancery Division. Chancery is different from other divisions because it is court of equity rather than law. Therefore, judges are not bound by precedents of other cases and have much greater discretion than in other courts. That being said, it means a lot more effort, research, and thought need to be put into each case by an attorney. While many cases might look like easy and straightforward, it takes an attorney to spot troubles and potential problems. Therefore, it is urged to seriously consider hiring an attorney for such matters as divorce, child custody, alimony, rights of parents, children, etc.

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Divorce is the most stressful time in life for anybody going through this procedure. After all, divorce will affect people financially and emotionally for a few years to come. Anybody will agree that family life is as much important as one’s health. Would you run a medical procedure on yourself? Or you would rather ask a doctor to do so? While answer is very clear when it comes to health, for some reason, family life and legal ramifications of divorce are treated with some lightness.

People see divorce as something that can be easily done by downloading a packet of forms from some cheesy website. This is the wrong approach. Just like every marriage is unique, every divorce is also unique. Therefore, the "one size fits all" approach of those self-help sites is inherently wrong. Consultation with an attorney may cost a couple of hundred dollars and can potentially save you thousands of dollars down the road; not to mention devastating mistakes which haunt people for the rest of their lives, yet can be avoided.


In many divorce cases other issues are popping up. They might include child custody, child support, alimony and equitable distribution. During the initial consultation we will discuss each of them as they may apply to your case.

If you are having any legal family related issues or going through a divorce, we urge you to call my office to arrange for a consultation, or call any other family attorney for that matter. Do not take your family life lightly. It is your life and it is your future.

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